Thursday, August 21, 2008

World Health Day

Today we went to visit World Health Day at The Mall, Gadong. You can have a free check up once you sign up e.g. blood pressure check, blood sugar and cholesterol check, height and weight for the calculation of Body Mass Index (BMI) and health consultation. They even have some health quiz and whoever has all correct answers, you might win some prizes. I'm sorry I don't know what kinds of prizes they're giving away.. The World Health Day was sponsored by JPMC's Gleneagles and also not forgetting Ministry of Health. We thank you for the concern of the public *salutes!* Here are some pictures I took this afternoon. Hope its worth it!

Their signboard

Leaflets regarding health

Blood sugar checking

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Blood presure checking

Again blood pressures were checked by the staffs

These are what you call Glucometers (To check blood sugar)

Informative posters
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Biohazard bins where you dispose all used needles
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