Sunday, August 10, 2008

Night of Fusion

Ladies and gentlemen.. May I present you, the night of fusion! Wow.. The night was great! People were wearing all sorts of masks and boy, are they creative! Anyways, it was a fun night.. I enjoyed dancing with my colleagues.. And also not forgetting my fellow juniors (20th intake) who danced Dhoom very well and confident! I'm so very proud of you all! To all my dancers (20th intake and Post Basic) I appreciate for all the effort, time and energy to make everything work smoothly!.. Thank you so much! *sob* kan nangis ku ehh heheh. We also won the best performance that night too! Didn't expect to win though! Oh yes, someone suggested to have the next dance during International Nursing Conference.. How about it? If everyone agrees, then lets combine into one team.. I'm looking forward to it! Below are some pictures that was taken by my helpful roommate with my D80, E-Buddy (Eddy) hehe. Thanks Deh for the time and also energy.. Nanti tah ku blanja *wink* Okay, enjoy the pictures.. Sorry but I only uploaded pictures of us and 20th intake.. :)

Baby and me

Our make up artist (Khai) with us

Hungry to the max!

Nirmala Dancers..

Won Best Performance!

Yanti and the gang

One of Dhoom steps!

Look at them.. So into the dance! :)

Time to say goodbye, dancers!


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