Thursday, August 28, 2008

Featuring KB-ians Anglers Team..

It was my first time meeting the KB-ians.. Let me see if I can recall their names.. Ejan, Hafiz, Eejat, Helmi, Khairul and Walid.. I think thats everybody! Including myself and baby! We went prawning dakat Loji KB. Most of the guys fishing jua sana.. We started around almost 6pm.. Demi sampai tarus pasang joran udang ahh.. Gian tah sudah toh! Huhu. Oh yes!!! We saw a live "croc" swimming around there too! Got a shot at it but its not really clear..

Anyways, KB-ians.. This page is dedicated to you all for being friendly and supportive and also being the 'worm service'.. Helmi ja tau toh! *wink* It was nice meeting you all! Oh yea Ejan, thank you for the food.. Its yummy! Hehe. Enjoy the pictures guys!

Walid and his cast..

Introducing The KB-ians Team Anglers

Ejan kana suruh ke rumah nini, ada TAHLIL!

Hafiz a.k.a. Hafush
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This is the "croc" that I mentioned above.. Head's on your right, tail's on your left!

Us featuring KB-ians (Shot was taken by Ejan)

Bonfire made by the guys..

And I got the biggest Udang Galah! (Only for that night though)
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