Thursday, August 7, 2008


This upcoming Saturday, which is the 9th August, will be our College's Cultural Night. Theme for the night will be masquerade - Night of Fusion.. Wow! I can't wait to put on my mask! And yes, I will be performing a dance with my other colleagues. I've also choreographed a hindi dance (taught by my Sifu, Ka Irma - PainQler's precious wife!), with a lil bit of modification by me, for my fellow juniors (20th intake yow!) So yea, I hope they do well.. Better than us lah! So dancers, I hope you all are ready.. And mostly importantly, be energetic and for the girls, BE SEXY! See you all this Saturday!

My baby's blue mask..


ReeNZaa August 11, 2008 at 3:04 PM  

uiTZ! ^_^ Yea DaT SaTuRDaY NiGHT WaS WoNDeRFooLS! HaHa! THe THeMeS TaK SeSuai LeR..P ouR PeRFoMaNCeS aND YouRS WeRe ReaLLY GReaT!! THaT'S WHaT We CaLLeD 'CuLTuRaL NiGHT' RiGHT? TaNX To You SiFu..HeHe..Pe~aH~~

We PuT a GooD eFFoRT FoR ouR iNTaKe..TeaCHeRS..THeY KNoW WHo THeY aRe..THeY LiKe ouR SiS,auNTY,MoMMY HaHa! *WiNKS* ^_^ aND oFCouRSe..NoT FoRGeTTiNG You..YeaH You! SoFY! ^_^ i Do HaD a WoNDeRFuLL MeMoRieS WiTH MY FRieNDS ^_^ *SoB*

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