Wednesday, September 3, 2008

An Outing with my two sisters!

My baby and I had an outing with my two sisters, Ka Wana and Ka Dina. A Little bit about them. Ka Wana works at HSBC as a... I don't know! Haha. And Ka Dina works with Idris Architecture as an Architect. Zaza was also there and she's a TEACHER! LOL. Anyways, I went to Damuan with my baby to do some prawning so I inivited them.. Actually the initial plan was to go bowling but since there was a tournament going on at Utama Bowling so it was cancelled. Sadly we didn't catch any Udang Galah but hey! I had lotsa fun. Sampai baby me pun tertinggal selipar sbalah kiri di Damuan. Haha funny ehh.. We only caught 'seekor satak' but then its small.. Bah enough talking and lets enjoy the pictures shall we?

Ka Dina

Ka Dina Modelling ;)

Ka Wana posing for the camera (Atu melantik!)

Ka Wana
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Zaza and her new baby D80!

Ani baby me angan-angan.. Wonder what you're thinking love..

Baby me gazing upon the dirty river.. Heheh.

I love this shot! Taken by me, randomly!
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Random shot again.. An old log standing still..
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