Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Deli Nutreesh.. Nyum!

After work I planned to sungkai at Deli Nutreesh, suggested by my friend from work. I was asking where I can find a restaurant that grills! So she suggested Deli Nutreesh! Got the number from m other friend and called them immediately (Booking awal pasal slalu ramai!). So then I went there with my baby and our seat was outside.. Ramai urg eh! I managed to take a few pictures of the food we ate. Lighting was not good pasal it was dark! Had to use the flash. Anyways, hope it looks good because for sure it tasted good! My fellow colleagues of AE, I already booked for us on the 25th September so you all better come! Oh yes, it costs $10.90 per head.. But I saw a poster on their wall and it said "LEFTOVER FOOD WILL BE CHARGED" erkk~

Got me some red meat, lamb, prawns and sausages

Our dishes!

Rice with lamb, kangkong and egg..

After sungkai I went to Gadong and took some snaps!
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