Thursday, September 18, 2008

Night Scenery

Actually I didn't plan to go out tonight (17/9/08) but my fishing mate, Aaron, asked if we wanna join him fishing. And so we went to Yayasan Portview (our fishing spot!). Glad I brought my D80, I met Marriz and Cybercanon and another friend of theirs.. Umm not sure about his name! Anyways, Marriz taught me some few tips in night scenery shots and it turned out as below! I must say, thank you so much for your help Marriz! It helped me alot.. Do enjoy the pictures as much as I do! Oh yes, nice to meet you all just now. Had a blast in learning more about photography *wink* By the by, I didn't catch any fish! Merajuk kali ikan sal attention barat ke photography!

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