Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Birthday Lady

Its Ka Dina's birthday, which falls on the 6th of September.. Which makes her 28 this year! Whoa! Kaaaa you're getting old hehe. But then you still look young laa.. I don't see no wrinkles so don't worry.. You're still gorgeous! Anyways, the last post I said she's an architect.. My bad, she's actually an interior designer! Sorry oOo.. Yeah, we had our sungkai at Uda's place so tarus tah celebrate her birthday.. We were planning on where to celebrate outside of the house but since it was raining heavily that night so inda tah jadi.. Kan main Articulate! pun sorang2 nada mood.. So they planned to go out the next day, which was yesterday.. Apatah? Did you guys went anywhere or did something? *nada kana invite ani wah* sniff sniff.. Apa jua school girl yoww.. Huhu bah ok lah.. Here are some shots I took that night.. A little bit of editing by me.. There are a couple of first trial editing so mind some of the UN-neat pictures!

Birthday Lady!

The Birthday Lady in tudung.. So Ayu~

Birthday Lady with her cake, bought by Ka Wana

Nadya (my niece) crying over a dinosaur.. Seriously!
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This is my lil angelic monster, Rayan (my nephew)

Hafiy, my nephew.. A cute pose!

My sweet baby (Her birthday was on the 4th of September!)

Ka Dina and Ka Wana
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Aaah this is my LITTLE bro, Hamdi a.k.a nJ
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