Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Danau calling..

Today (15/7/08) we went to Danau for a fishing trip. There were 7 of us.. Me, baby, ayu, PGS, Rijal, Boy and Lyn. I think we arrived at bout 7am. Thats when I saw a live barramundi being caught by someone! And that someone happened to be one of the selunsong team anglers, Majidi. I met the the captain of the team, Selunsong :) He taught us alot of stuff regarding how to catch barramundi.. I'll try all those techniques next time once I found king prawns!

Anyways, we didn't catch alot of fish.. Two kalakitoks only! *jaditah* and the Selunsong team was very kind and sweet enough to give me Kerapu since its my mama's favorite! Once again, thank you.. The pictures below are dedicated to you all.. Danau Menjerit Lagi!



Sofy (Bounty)

Shemah (Baby)




Our fishing rods

Selunsong Team Anglerz

Selunsong with selunsong!

Majidi with selunsong


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