Thursday, February 12, 2009

Three days of PHTLS Course

Thank God the course is over!.. Today's the third day and yes, we had our theory and practical exams.. Good news, I passed! Wooohoooo! Another medical license! Alright, here are some pictures taken yesterday. Thanks to one of our 'victim' models who took some of the shots. And to all participants of the PHTLS course, thank you and it was a pleasure meeting you all!.. I tell ya, you guys are fantastic and wonderful! If time allows, I will see you all again in the future.

Dr Amanda, Lee and Joe

The PHTLS instructors.

The new boyfriend!

New friends!

Me and the military guys, including the bomba guys and Dr Lina.

Dr Lina with Lee at the back!

Dr Padma and Ain.

Me punching Ash on the face!

The bomba guy, Amri.

Our instructor, Dr Redgment.

Ash being silly.

Dr Lina's pose.

Ash looking at his picture!

The MILITARY people.

Ash being naughty and Lee's "Bring it on" face!

The whole team!



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