Saturday, November 15, 2008

DST Carnival part II

VJ Utt moved alot so this was the best I got, covered with words from the projector!

DJ Honey of Kristal FM

VJ Utt signing a cast belonging to a little kid

Malai Suny dancing and singing..

An 8-year-old kid who breakdances!

nJ entertaining the crowds.. Love you bro!

Marty, an awesome dancer and a choreographer

Feez Madea with "When I Grow Up"

One of Projectunes' dancers, Finz.. Love you also sistah!

Closing of the dance routine.

Farish, Yasmin Hani and Reza AF with three audiences.

Yasmin Hani, WACHAA!

Reza AF.. He looked happy, doesn't he?

Posing for the camera!

Farish taking pictures with his fan.


nJ, you did a great job bro!


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